Content Encryption

Encryption of content at rest and in motion is Primeshare's effective way to achieve data security.

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Tracking and Monitoring

Online Tracking and monitoring of activities creates a more efficient system for storage and access.

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Remote Locking

Primeshare has remote locking of your account feature that reduces information loss risks.

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Password Protection

Primeshare allows only those with an authorized password to gain access to certain information.

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Recalls and Expirations

Expiration feature allows you to set until when users can access shared items. You can also recall shared items anytime

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Secure Access and Control

Expanded secure access controls including automatic expiration, IP address restrictions, passwords, and permanent ability to recall shared items.

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Why Primeshare?

Primeshare ensures that your sensitive files are always protected the way they should. Our mission is to enable you to share online while maintaining control.

  • Keep Control of Where Your Files Reside
  • Sensitive Files Delivered
  • Strong Encryption
  • Access Tracking
  • Remote Controls
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Our Clients

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