Enable Your Clients for

Protecting your email against advanced threats and loss of intellectual property while enabling your clients and employees to communicate easily can be quite challenging. Primeshare Secure Email enables you to protect incoming and outgoing email messages with strong encryption, access control, and malware scanning.

Data Leakage Protection

Multiple Anti-Malware Engines

Military-Grade Encryption

24 Hour Support Access

Integration with Your Existing Email

Simple for Senders & Recipients

Ability to Recall Sent Emails

Enhanced Visibility with Smart BCC

Primeshare is the only file sharing platform that allows you to create your own client portal in minutes, with best-in-class security, and the ability to choose between the cloud, local servers or a hybrid solution.

How does it work?

Simple Setup
and Management.

Primeshare's Client Portal Engine utilizes your login to Primeshare, your business template, and your desired portal name to create your client portal in only a few minutes. The portal you create will include a public-facing URL for all visitors (Portal Website) and a Secure Area for authenticated users.

Authenticated users will only see their assigned folders and their ability to delete, move, copy, or upload files and folders is determined by the permissions you define for each user. You create accounts for users by inviting them to join the portal or by allowing them to sign up on their own.

Improve Client Connections
with a Dynamic Portal Website

The result is A Fully Responsive, Secure, And Dynamic Website For Your Clients. Your Primeshare Client Portal automatically adjusts content for displays on desktops, android, and IOS devices. You can update your portal website by editing Microsoft Word-like documents or by uploading files. You can share a folder with your other users and have them update your site without requiring them to possess advanced web programming skills.

Define Policies to comply
with Privacy Regulations in
Your Industry

Primeshare's Login & Access Control module works in conjunction with your Connection Management and Policy Enforcement Module to ensure that only authorized users can access the files you share. When a user attempts to access a folder in the Secure Area of your Client Portal, the system will redirect the user to the login page. You can authenticate users with Primeshare's built-in user database or you can use Single Sign-On (SSO) and authenticate users on your AzureAD.

Once a user is successfully authenticated, the Connection Management and Policy Enforcement Module will verify and assign the proper authorization rules for the user. These include permissions on folders and files, password requirements, or even the IP address from which the user is allowed to access the portal. Thereafter, the user will be directed to your defined storage location where he/she can access, download, or upload files. Files can be stored on Primeshare, Dropbox, Google Drive, or on your own Amazon S3 location.
When users leave your company or project, you can simply remove them to discontinue their access to shared items.

Why Primeshare ?

Primeshare allows users to create secure branded portals for sharing files with clients. We guarantee secure file access, data leakage protection, and the ability to recall shared files. Your Primeshare portal can be created in a few minutes and comes with a built-in user authentication system.

  • Branded client portals
  • File requests with reminders
  • Encrypted emails
  • Secure file uploads from your CRM
  • On-prem, cloud, and Hybrid storage

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