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    The Most Secure File Sharing Platform
    Share Online With Confidence
    Data loss prevention with your own client portal
    Real time scanning and sanitization of files
    Your choice for on-prem, cloud, or hybrid storage
    Granular access control and file expirations
    End to end military grade encryption

Primeshare ensures that your sensitive files are always protected. Our mission is to provide the most secure file sharing and collaboration solution for businesses that share files online

Share Safely and Grow Your Business with Confidence

Primeshare takes secure file sharing and collaboration to a whole new level. With Primeshare, you get your own Secure Client Portal which provides full control on where you store files and enables your users to share files, bookmarks, and videos. In addition, users can work together to update online documents and team calendars. Primeshare also enables you to scan and sanitize uploaded files before your users can access them.

Primeshare helps you grow your business with confidence by providing more control on your files and by ensuring that sensitive information is always protected.

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Experience Unmatched Security and Control

Primeshare utilizes military-level encryption to protect data at rest and in motion. We provide more controls for files and emails such as download prevention, IP & password protection, and automatic expirations. Primeshare also enables you to scan and sanitize uploaded files to ensure that they are free from malware before your users can access them. When users leave your organization, business files are preserved because files stored in a user's space on the client portal will continue to be available even when the user's account is no longer active.

Primeshare helps your business define and implement policies for compliance with HIPPA, PCI and regulations that mandate the protection of confidential information.

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Get More Control on Your Files

Adopting a cloud storage solution can result in a loss of control on where you want to store files. With Primeshare, you can choose to store files on your own file server, another cloud service, or a mixture of both - the choice is yours. Additionally, you can define security policies to automatically move unused files to the trash based on your file retention policy. You can turn off access to your client portal anytime if your business needs to prevent uploads or downloads from all users after a cut-off date.

By providing centralized access and more control on your files, Primeshare helps your business reduce data leakage and simplifies e-discovery and audits.

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Distinquish Your Business and Delight Your Cients with Ease of Use

Primeshare allows your users to access and upload files to your client portal without requiring that they create a Primeshare account. Users can view Microsoft documents, PDFs, and other files online without needing to download the files. Users can also share large files from their mobile device or laptop. Primeshare global search allows users to quickly find files from mulitple storage sources in one click. Users can sign PDF files online, provide comments, or work together on an online document. Secure File Request allows users to request files from clients securely.

By connecting multiple storage sources and providing a centralized access interface, Primeshare helps you provide a fast and simple file share service to your clients.

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