Share Online. Keep Control

Protect Your Clients' Confidential Information and Meet Regulatory Compliance

Primeshare ensures that your sensitive files are always protected the way they should. Our mission is to enable you to share online while maintaining control.

Grow Your Business Online With Confidence

Primeshare protects your clients' information and ensures regulatory compliance for sensitive information protection. This provides protection against costly law suits and allows you to grow your business online with confidence.

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Keep Full Control of File Storage Location

Some businesses are mandated by regulatory compliance to store sensitive files only in certain geographies. With Primeshare, you can store and share files from your own Amazon account, Dropbox, or Primeshare - the choice is yours.

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Experience Unmatched Security & Controls

Primeshare uses military-level encryption to protect data at rest and in motion. In addition, we provide more controls for files and emails such as remote blocking, remote recalls, IP & password restrictions, or automatic expirations

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Why Choose Primeshare

Primeshare helps you minimize risks and allows you to grow your business online with confidence. Our cutting edge technology provides a very friendly user interface without compromising on security. Your clients will be delighted with ease of use. Primeshare lets you control where you store your files and provides more control on shared items.

Our Aplications

Our application portfolio includes - Cloud Drive, Secure Emails, Client Portals, and Secure File Requests. Please click below for details