Protect Client Files

Primeshare's plugin-in enables the secure upload of files directly to your own Amazon S3 storage. Once uploaded, customer files can be shared using Primeshare smart links to ensure that only one copy of the customer’s file remains in your system at all times. Your users can issue secure file requests to customers or partners and Primeshare will automatically store the incoming files to a designated customer location. Security Policy settings include auto-deletion of files at case closure, on customer request, or at a preset time after the case has been closed.

Share Files with Smart LinksTM and Keep Control

Primeshare enables employees to securely share files or bookmarks using Smart Links which prevents recipients from having direct and unlimited access to shared items. While sharing a Microsoft Office Document online, Primeshare converts the link generated from Microsoft’s get-link feature into a Smart Link and then allows the user to share the Smart Link instead of the direct link to the Microsoft Office document. Using smart links provides more control on when, and for how long, users can access a shared item. Smart Links also provides access control by location, password, or IP Address. Unlike with Microsoft share link, users can get activity reports on shared items, and can stop sharing anytime by removing access to the Primeshare Smart Link.

Enable Zero Trust Access to Files

Customers can place a Zero Trust Access solution such as Pulse ZTA in-front of their Primeshare Client Portal to enable user, device, and application layer access control to their files. We support Pulse ZTA and other SAML-based SaaS solutions with out-of-the-box configuration settings. No code change is required.

All-in-one Client Portal for
Your Business

Includes user authentication, access reports, and storage location options.

Why Primeshare ?

Primeshare allows users to create secure branded portals for sharing files with clients. We guarantee secure file access, data leakage protection, and the ability to recall shared files. Your Primeshare portal can be created in a few minutes and comes with a built-in user authentication system.

  • Branded client portals
  • File requests with reminders
  • Encrypted emails
  • Secure file uploads from your CRM
  • On-prem, cloud, and Hybrid storage

Share files with confidence

Get end-to-end encryption, file sanitization, and control where your users store files. Set expiration dates and recall shared files and emails anytime.

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Enable self-service for
your clients

Create a one-stop portal that allows your clients to get real-time status on projects, share files, and send secure messages.

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