What Is a Virtual Data Room?

As the name suggests, a virtual data room, or a “VDR,” is an online database in which companies can store and share confidential information, usually used during a financial transaction. VDRs are also used as ongoing document repositories, allowing businesses to organize critical business documents for easy and and secure access by authorized collaborators.

VDRs are used by companies to securely store and share critical and sensitive corporate data and are most commonly used during business negotiations and deals. The information stored in a data room is generally private documentation that is considered to be of high value to the company or owner of the data room. Of course, in addition to traditional record keeping that is required for many financial, legal, and tax matters, a lot of companies have other important documents and information they need to retain and would like to store safely to ensure that it remains confidential. For example, items relating to intellectual property, such as trade secrets and copyrighted works, must be convenient to access but also stored in a highly secure location.

Explore the benefits of Virtual Data Room

Data Security

Each account comes with features exclusive to VDR users — dynamic watermarking, view-only permissions and a proprietary print-view that allows you to control who has print access.

Audit Reports

Comprehensive audit logs and click trails offer full insight into every user’s actions. You can schedule account reports and receive instant email alerts on account activity.

User Friendly Interface

VDR is simple to set up and simple to use — no training required. And since your files live in the cloud, you and your clients never have to download any complicated software.

Large Files Uploads

Upload hundreds of files in seconds or use the Primeshare Files for Microsoft Outlook to send and request files from your inbox — all with total security.

Transaction Archiving

When your deal is finished, you’ll receive a backup of your entire virtual data room so you can always have a physical record of the transaction if needed.

24/7 Customer Support

We’re always here to help, and it never costs extra. From day one, an onboarding specialist will be there to understand your needs and assist with setting up your account. Our entire customer care team is available 24/7.

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