Protect Your Clients' Confidential Information

Primeshare protects your clients' information and ensures regulatory compliance for sensitive information protection. This provides protection against costly law suits and allows you to grow your business online with confidence.

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Reduce Service Cost and Increase Quality

For small businesses, time wasted means money wasted. Primeshare helps you save time and money by enabling end-to-end online transactions and by reducing the number of duplicate copies of the same document within your company.

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Grow Your Brand With Secure Client Portals

Keeping your brand alive is a must for success in today’s marketplace. Primeshare provides Secure Client Portals with your own logo for sharing online. Your clients don't need to go to third party file sharing sites to upload or download files.

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Why Primeshare?

Primeshare ensures that your sensitive files are always protected the way they should. Our mission is to enable you to share online while maintaining control.

  • Keep Control of Where Your Files Reside
  • Sensitive Files Delivered
  • Strong Encryption
  • Access Tracking
  • Remote Controls
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Our Clients

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