Secure Client Portal

Provides your clients with a secure interface for sharing or receiving tax and financial documents. Provides your clients with a secure interface for sharing or receiving business or project documents.

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Unmatched File Security

Minimizes business risks and protects sensitive information by scaninng and sanitization of uploaded files. Primeshare uses military-level encryption to protect files and enables the enforcement of policies for HIPPA, PCI, and other confidential information regulations. You can control file access with passwords and permissions.

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Easy for You and Clients

Only Primeshare allows you to create a client portal with your own URL, user authentication, secure email, and file sharing in less than one hour. Your client portal includes a dynamic website that enables a stronger connection with clients and increases customer loyalty. Our goal is to provide the most secure and simple file sharing platform for your business.

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Secure Client Portal Customized for Your Business

Includes user authentication database & plugins for Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You control where you store files.

Malware Scanning & Unmatched Security

Scan & Sanitize files with over 30+ malware scannig engines powered by OPSWAT Metadefender. Control file access with permissions.

Military-Grade Encyption at Rest and in Motion

Advanced encryption of files at rest and in motion. You get your own encryption key. You can lock your account and mailbox remotely.

Easy for You. Easy for Your Clients.

You can setup your client portal in minutes. Your clients benefit from ease of use and from having anytime access to their files.

Stronger Customer Loyalty & Web Hosting Savings

Primeshare includes a business-ready website that saves you web hosting fees and enables stronger connections with your clients.

Secure Email & Secure File Request

Includes Secure File Request and a robust Secure Email application with mail encryption, smart BCC, and ability to recall sent mails.

Primeshare ensures that your clients' sensitive files are always protected. Your clients benefit from having secure access to their financial data any time of day.

Why Primeshare?

Primeshare ensures that your sensitive files are always protected the way they should. Our mission is to enable you to share online while maintaining control.

  • Keep Control of Where Your Files Reside
  • Sensitive Files Delivered
  • Strong Encryption
  • Access Tracking
  • Remote Controls
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