Protect Personal Information

Primeshare allows you to securely store and share files with anyone. You can use Primeshare to share sensitive information such as your pay check or tax documents with your accountant. Primeshare tells you when someone views your files and you can recall shared items anytime.

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Easy & secure access to files

Store, organize, and access your files from one place. Primeshare provides a secure storage where you can keep your files organized. Primesahre also allows you to access your files from anywhere, using different devices and keep you in control of the files you shared online.

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Backup Files your files

Primeshare keep your files safe thus allows you to backup your files and protect yourself from data loss even if your computer crashes or stolen or even if your USB memory stick is missing. You can store and share files from your own Amazon, Dropbox, or Primeshare account

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Why Primeshare?

Primeshare ensures that your sensitive files are always protected the way they should. Our mission is to enable you to share online while maintaining control.

  • Keep Control of Where Your Files Reside
  • Sensitive Files Delivered
  • Strong Encryption
  • Access Tracking
  • Remote Controls
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Our Clients

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