Your Own Client Portal

Primeshare Secure Client Portal combines multiple storage types and organizes content on a simple interface that allows users to upload and share files without worrying about the actual loacation of the files. With client Portals, there is no need to send your clients to third-party branded sites for uploading or downloading documents.

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Users Collaborate Safely

From the client portal interface, users can securely upload, access, and share files that are stored in Primeshare, dropbox, Amazon S3, or a remote file server. This centralized view of your content makes it easy to protect sensitive information and to enforce compliance policies and audting for HIPPA, PCI, and other regulations.

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Files are Scanned & Sanitized

Primeshare utilizes military-level encryption to protect data at rest and in motion. It enables you to scan and sanitize uploaded files to ensure that they are free from malware before your users can access them. We provide more controls for files and emails (remote blocking, remote recalls, IP & password restrictions, or automatic expirations).

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Why Primeshare?

Primeshare ensures that your sensitive files are always protected the way they should. Our mission is to enable you to share online while maintaining control.

  • Keep Control of Where Your Files Reside
  • Sensitive Files Delivered
  • Strong Encryption
  • Access Tracking
  • Remote Controls
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